My name is Rak and welcome to CalligRAKphy. I am a digital artist based in Sydney.

I am motivated to traditional media simulated digital paintings. My tool of choice is Rebelle 6 on MacOS using XP-PEN Innovator 16. The 'Pigments' feature is a game changer and very closely simulates color mixing like real paint. What that means is blue and yellow make green, not gray! I enjoy making digital paintings and lettering artwork. I also work in ArtSet4 on iPad, Procreate, Photoshop, Fresco, Art Rage and few others. Learning Digital art is a journey and I want to share mine with with everyone to encourage them to try their hand at it.

You may be surprised by how fun and easy it is to pick up the skill and produce some awesome artwork.

When I started with digital painting & lettering I had no idea that I would totally fall in love with it. It's truly become one of my passions. It has opened up avenues of interests that I didn't have before and has completely redefined my weekends plans.

Be sure to check them out. I share my lettering journey experience and tips & tricks to help beginners of hand lettering. Check out my blog post about getting started.

Happy art making and good luck for your journey!