Free Beginner’s Procreate Custom Brush


A zipped folder with a custom Procreate custom brush that’s great for lettering beginners.


Hi! I am very excited that you are giving digital hand lettering a go. It’s so fulfilling and if you keep at it, in no time you will be lettering some amazing art work.

The Procreate app is absolutely great for iPad hand lettering, however, there are only a few lettering brushes that come along with it. The upside, however, is that it’s brush engine is one of the best and it let’s you import custom brushes very easily.

This is a free Procreate custom brush that I have created based on my experience and I feel this is a great brush for those just getting started with hand lettering. These work very well with the free practice sheets I have in my shop. Together, I hope they give you a very encouraging start to your lettering journey.

Happy lettering!


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