Infigo Collection – Procreate custom brushset


A zipped folder with Procreate brushset with 5 custom brushes purpose-designed for hand lettering on the iPad.


Purpose-designed for hand lettering, the Infigo Procreate custom brushset contains 5 very impressive brush pens. I have optimised the brush pens to effortlessly mimic brush lettering. Each brush pen in the collection will produce a unique effect to enhance the artwork it is used in.

The pens are not very ‘sensitive’, as a result, they make it effortless to achieve the distinctive multi-width strokes that are so characteristic of brush lettering. This high level of control over the thickness of the stroke makes it natural and easy to produce beautiful line weight transitions.

Above all, these pens can used by beginners and the experienced letterers. The ‘Habitus’ brush pen available in this collection is one of my all time favourites.

Check out the sample images and videos to see the effects the brushes produce. I hope you enjoy the collection and they add more variety to your artwork while making some of the decorative work effortless.

Finally, Happy lettering!

The Collection

  1. Captiva
  2. Habitus
  3. Culina
  4. Shooting Star
  5. Tribus


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